Model KFR36GW ( 3.9 Kw ) For room 5m x 5m (25sqm) Model KFR36GW ( 3.9 Kw ) For room 5m x 5m (25sqm)

KFR-120QIW/X1c Ceiling Cassette Aircon Unit

Our EASYfit split air conditioners comprises two elements - an internal and an external unit. The internal unit is fitted to a metal mounting plate on a wall in the room to be cooled, whilst the external unit is situated outside the building. The two are connected using copper pipe. The external unit,or condenser, removes the heat from the room and dissipates it outside, along with any condensation that's built-up in the system, whilst the internal unit provides cooling.

All our systems will Heat the room as well when required.


•Remote control
•Adjustable fan speeds for rapid cooling or minimum noise
•Heat-pump model provides heating as well as cooling
•Oscillating air vanes for dissipation of cold air
•A timer feature that will turn the unit on and off automatically
•High efficiency air filters to remove odours and particles
•Anti-mould coating for hygienic operation
•Digital display to show operational settings and temperature
•A "Smart Air" feature that will recall previous settings at the push of a button


Model NO KFR120-QIW/X1c
Power supply (PH-V-HZ) 1Ph(Opt 3Ph)~220-240V~50Hz
Power Rating (Ph-V-Hz) 1Ph~220-240V~50
Capacity Max BTU/h (Cooling) 36000 / 10.5
Capacity Max BTU/h (Heating) 40000 / 11.2
Power Input (W) Cooling~Heating) 3230~3250
Current Input (A) Cooling~Heating 16.8~17
EER (BTU/hr.W) 5.6
COP (W/W) 3.8
Dehumidification L/h 3.5
Indoor Noise Level dB (A) (Hi/Mi/Lo) 48
Outdoor Noise Level dB (A) 55
Indoor Airflow (m3/h) (Hi/Mi/Lo) 1850 Max
Max. Current Rating (A) Fuse Rating (Type D) 12
Net Dimension (mm) Indoor (WxDxH) 840x840x245
Unit Dimension (mm) Outdoor (WxDxH) 990x966x354
Net/Gross Weight Indoor (Kg) 27
Net/Gross Weight Outdoor (Kg) 82
Max Room Size (m2) 50-100
Max Conservatory Size (m2) N/A
Connecting Pipe Length (m) 6
Pipe Diameter Liquid/Gas (Inch) 3/8" & 5/8"
Selectable Temp Range °C 17-30
Minimum Operating Temp (Cooling/Heating) °C -7 / -15
Automatic Restart after Power Failure Yes

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Model KFR-32GW/X1C For room 5m x 5m (25 m²) air conditioner
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